Coach Nile advocates faith in the time of COVID

Let us wear our statement. Let us be our own motivation that there is hope. Let us wear our faith, and encourage everyone we pass by to go back to the basics - Faith. That is Faith Shield!

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Marinel Gotera
Marinel Gotera
Marinel is a motivational event speaker , youth director of Great Harvest Ministries Inc., and co-founder of LoveSpeaks International, an online inspirational and a motivational resource which aspires to “create a platform where people could know the heart of God for them and realize that regardless of their state, it is possible to experience love in its fullest sense.”

We are living through a global health crisis with no modern-day precedent. What we need now more than ever, are what the writer David Foster Wallace called “real leaders” — people who “help us overcome the limitations of our own individual laziness and selfishness and weakness and fear and get us to do better, harder things than we can get ourselves to do on our own.”

I am privileged I get to meet one. He’s simple and very unassuming. But when he talks, you know you’re in the presence of a great leader in the making.

Everybody meet Coach Nile. He is the founder and lead consultant of Nile on Weekends Branding Consultancy, blogger of Nile on Weekens Blog, author of the book, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and one of the prolific trainers and life coaches based in Iloilo City. He has been very active in bringing hope back into our streets despite the danger we all face. 

Coach Nile is also trained on “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” under the 2016 John Maxwell Training by Singapore-based trainor Dr. Tony Mendoza. In 2019, he acquired the Personal Leadership Development from John Maxwell Training, this time under Janette Toral, who represent as one of only two highly respected Independent Executive Directors in the Philippines with The John Maxwell Team.

Let us hear his recent journey and learn from his perspective through this quick interview.

Q: How did the pandemic affect your life, personal and professional?

CN: Personally, this pandemic has shown me my limitations. But more than that, it showed me the unlimited opportunities waiting to be discovered. It pushed me to learn new things such as writing a book, doing coaching online, and creating courses aiming to empower people as I am being empowered by God. 

This crisis also gave me an opportunity to spend more time at home with my siblings. Since day 1 of the lockdown, I knew that God is able to provide and protect us. We walked with wisdom and caution but ultimately, we believe that our life is in God’s hands – with or without pandemic.

Q: What adjustments did you do to approach this crisis?

CN: When this pandemic erupted on the face of the earth, I leaned closer to God in prayer for directives. So, instead of looking and focusing on the problems, difficulties and disease that are not within my control, I focused on things that are within my control, within my sphere of influence. I focused on how to tap heaven for solutions, and bring each one down here on earth. 

With the help of key partners, we did Give to Save Iloilo that help hundreds of frontliners and vulnerable individuals with their PPEs and basic goods. Also, we did Food For Friends that fed almost 300 vulnerable individuals. After which, I went back to writing my book that reached as far as USA, Italy, Australia, Singapore aiming to find purpose and maximize individual potentials in God despite the crisis we have.

Q: What is the story of your new project, Faith Shield?

CN: Recently, when I was seeking what to do with all the changes, I got this strong impression to put out a project that will both influence the people’s mindsets and will financially help vulnerable sectors. So I thought what better way to express Godly perspectives that could shape others’ minds in a positive and powerful way but to create a statement face shield! Also, I came to know about our engineering workers who were stranded in Iloilo City who are in dire need of financial help.

So this is basically the heart of the project. It opens up an opportunity for us to help these people earn so they’ll be able to feed their family at the very least. That’s why our Faith Shield is 100% guranteed locally produced.

On the side, Coach Nile and LoveSpeaks envision to demolish the strong grip of fear among us by reminding ourselves that it is time for us to put our faith in our all-powerful God. So everytime people wear the Faith Shield, we hope that it will lift their spirits up, and remind them of the truth that God is our true Shield! 

Some of the profit from this endeavour also will go to the charity projects and advocacies supported by Coach Nile and LoveSpeaks.

Q: What is your vision for this brand?

CN: We want to see bold faith to arise. We want to see fear crumbling down under our feet. And as fear is utterly demolished, clarity begins to come with a light to usher in solutions, from personal to worldwide problems. We want to see aggressive faith that will occupy the influence that fear once had. We want to see people find hope in faith and in love. That as we use this Faith Shield, we are declaring faith among the people who see what is written on our forehead – faith!

Q: Any encouraging words for the Ilonggos?

CN: Let us wear our statement. Let us be our own motivation that there is hope. Let us wear our faith, and encourage everyone we pass by to go back to the basics – Faith. And yes, let us wear Love. Loudly.

There you go! We encourage everyone to support and help us push fear out of our system. Let us start with Face Shield. You can place you order via Coach Nile.PH and LoveSpeaks. You may reach out through their respective Facebook Pages.

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