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Why attend PICEI21 2020 National Training for Educators?

This training will help educators support learning content. They will be equipped to develop effective IM to allow students to engage in the application of concepts.

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Philippine Institute of 21st Century Educators Inc. ( PICE21 ) in cooperation with Industry 4.0 Comprehensive Organization of Revitalized Educators Inc. ( i4CORE ) opens the year with a national training dubbed as “2020 Training-Workshop on Designing and Developing Instructional Materials (IM)” at La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan on February 7-9, 2020. Here is why teachers, professors and educators should attend this national training and workshop by PICEI21.

This national training and workshop will be an in-depth discussion and activity towards IM technology. There will be an overview and survey of IM technology, a detailed presentation of lectures and workshops on designing and developing a work-text, reading text IM. Groups of participants will make an outline or plan of their selected IM. There will be a plenary to critique the output done by the groups. Then, the participants will be divided into groups to make an outline or plan of their selected IM. The outputs will be presented to the plenary for critiquing. 

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PICEI21 Philippine Institute of 21st Century Educators Inc.

This PICEI21 training is for all educators in public and private elemntary, high school, college schools and higher education institutions to attend this three-day training and workshop. This will help educators support learning content. They will be equipped to develop effective IM to allow students to engage in the application of concepts. The workshop will provide a wealth of knowledge in IM development, offering in-depth information based on facts. It also gives the educators background on the preparation of topics as well as how the topics relate to other pertinent information on the subject. For registration, check the following information and contacts. 

Early bird treat : Php 5, 000.00 (not later than January 24, 2020)
Regular: Php 5,500.00 (not later January 31, 2020)
Inclusion: (2) buffet lunch,(1) buffet dinner, (4) snacks for 3 days; t-shirt, certificate; ID and seminar materials
Exclusion: Hotel accommodation 

Note: Payments should be made in advance to get a slot as the number of participants is limited only. The participants must bring completed Instructional Materials if they have for exhibit and competition.

Send your Payment via bank or money remittance centers:

A. Bank: Security Bank
Account Name: Philippine Institute of 21st Century Educators Inc.
Peso Savings Account Number : 0000025571193
Address: Cor Quezon-Ledesma Sts., Iloilo City

B. Money Remittance Canters
Send to: Ricky A. Quibingco
Contact No./ Address: 09098123190 (Iloilo City)

For inquiries, confirmation of attendance, or reservation of slots, please contact Philippine Institute of 21st Century Educators Inc. ( PICE21 ) at centuryeducators21@yahoo.com or Prof. Ricky A. Quibingco (+639098123190).

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