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I am waiting for this to be reported..!

The New York State is the first state that required vaccine passport to be implemented. What is a vaccine passport? Meaning, you could not travel if after scanning your body, the scanner does not identify that you have vaccine inoculated in you. To simplify this, these vaccines have chips that communicates to the scanner. It works like a QR Code. A QR code at your phone is read by a scanner. At this minute, the Democrats are pushing for a federal vaccine passport either as an Executive Order by the President or as a Bill at the Congress. Once they see the success of the vaccine passport, this will evolve that no one can buy groceries unless proof of vaccination is scanned. By now, it is getting clear to all of us that we are at the precipice of Revelation 13:17;

“… so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. ”

The mark of the beast is the serial number in the vaccine. There is a chip in that vaccine! This is the reason why they could digitally scan you. This is now as clear as the noonday sun.

The Bible is very clear that the devil will try to deceive even the elect. The deception’s strategy is clear: use scare tactics and use logic reasoning to persuade people that this is all in the name of health and safety. If you have not taken the vaccine, it is good news from the standpoint of eternity. If you did, do not take anymore the second or the third dose. If your question is, what will happen to me if I have taken the first dose? I do not have a medical answer for you on how to remove the implanted chip. What is going to happen to your eternity? The answer is in Revelation 14:9-11.

9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. (Revelation 14: 9-11)

Brethren, after you read this post, pray soberly. Do not run into denial especially if you were vaccinated already.

The greater deception is for those who believed that the rapture is going to happen first before the mark of the beast. The pre-tribulation theory will be proven wrong in the days and months ahead not by preachers of the gospel but on how things will evolve nationally all over the world. At this point in time, pre-tribulation teachers should already pivot on their message. If they could not easily change their minds, they too will receive the vaccine passport – a digital inoculation against coronavirus with a serial number in it and a chip. In their mind, the pre-trib theory will protect them because of the sequence of the timeline. No brother, it won’t. When you reach that crossroad, God will show you that the pre-trib theory is a deception all along.

To the Trump-ets, consider it a pure joy that he was removed from the White House from here and towards the future. Because if he was not, it will be Trump’s mark of the beast. But now, it is Biden’s. You were thinking of MAGA, but God has eternity in mind. Today, it must be clear to you that the beast is a system. It is not a person. Today, it is clear to you that there’s the spirit of the Anti-Christ before the manifestation of the Anti-Christ, the person. It is clear to you now that the spirit of the Anti-Christ is the same as the spirit of the world. Today, it is clear to you now that behind the coronavirus virulence, is the demon of fear that was released to the Earth. It was the forerunner of the mark of the beast. The beast aka as the system, needs fear in order for the deception to succeed. The deception will not be called a deception if the truth is told you beforehand that the vaccine has a chip. The deception must say and cloak an excuse: for the sake of the safety of everyone and reducing the coronavirus incidences.

In March 2020, I was the only prophetic voice that declared to you that the plague of coronavirus is for the kings – meaning to elected government officials. They will be tested in this season if they possess Bible knowledge or not. There will be goat nations and sheep nations. There will be goat States and cities, and sheep States and cities. The decisions of public officials concerning a vaccine passport are either going to turn over a country to the anti-Christ eventually or to the Lord Jesus Christ. The title of the video teaching where I taught this beforehand is The Joseph Anointing In The Day Age of Coronavirus Pandemic. It is found on Eunice Bennett Ministries` FB page. It was taught a year ago before the pandemic was full-blown. God will not leave all of us without a light in the season of darkness.

If after reading this, you still have chosen the way of the mark also known as the vaccine passport, just remember that at the Great White Throne Judgement, the Lord will point out that you read this message. He will ask, what did you do with that message that Eunice Bennett posted?

Father, cover everyone with the blood of Jesus as soon as they start reading this. I pray that a great understanding will emerge, in Jesus name!

The destiny of nations when it comes to vaccine passports or what they call now digital inoculation, hinges on what the United States will decide. Biden is busy doing consultations among the private sectors on how to eventually make vaccine passports a federal mandate. The first loud voice that comes with common sense resistance is the State of Florida. Gov. Ron de Santis is really excellent in making a loud statement about this concerning his disapproval of the vaccine passport. Today, here are some nuggets of wisdom to give you guidance on where we are at as the world enters the era of the mark of the beast.

Firstly, you need to inform yourself that the vaccine passport was already started in New York State. As a liberal State, New York was headed in an extremely wrong direction since Gov.Cuomo becomes governor. The State was given in to Satan with the last term abortion that was made into a law in 2019. In New York, it is legal to kill an unborn child through an abortion even on the day it is supposed to be born. It is a Satanic and barbaric practice that is so grievous. It is the revival of Baal and Molech worship. This Baal worship was successfully destroyed by Elijah in his time. The destruction of Baal idolatry was so successful that the demons behind Baal worship were chained back to darkness for several thousands of years.

Cuomo however, found a way to bring back the Satanic practice. The result is that New York becomes a hub and tourism destination for ladies that are about to commit an abortion. The State becomes the fiery furnace of death for aborted babies.

Having this in mind, the direction that New York State has undertaken when it comes to vaccine passport is an omen to what is going to come upon America and to the rest of the world. This ministry was a voice in the wilderness shouting about the darkness of Andrew Cuomo since last year. Mine is not politics but spiritual discernment. He is accompanied by Death that everything he touches dies.

With the vaccine passport, he gave America the idea that digital inoculation and scanning can be used to monitor and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Believers and unbelievers alike will be deceived to be vaccinated as long as the meme used is “about safety and reducing coronavirus incidences.” It will appeal to reason. But the coronavirus vaccination is a digital inoculation. This will explain why your body can be scanned if you were vaccinated or not. The presence of the chip in your body responds to the scanner. It has a QR code. In olden times, you hear it as a barcode in a product. It has evolved. It is now a QR code in your body.

I explained to a few that comes in contact with me that Andrew Cuomo is more dangerous than Joe Biden. When the prophets are focusing on the 2020 elections, God had me focused on Andrew Cuomo. Because the next big thing when it comes to darkness will be coming from him. The events today have proven that. In fact, Joe Biden is only copying the playbook of Andrew Cuomo. He is not the original source of the vaccine passport. The illumination of the spirit of the Anti-Christ concerning vaccine passport emerged from Andrew Cuomo. Satan “anointed” Cuomo to introduce a vaccine passport or what they call now a digital inoculation. If God has a man, Satan has also a man.

Didn’t you notice that they did not use the word digital inoculation when the vaccine is still contemplated to be used? They reveal what is in it after millions had received it. Because the digital inoculation or vaccine passport aka as the mark of the beast can only work in deception. As long as the sales pitch is to protect you from coronavirus, people will buy the lie as the truth. And this is where many will be deceived even the elect.

Secondly, there will be cities and nations that will become a city of refuge. Cities of refuge are popular during Moses’ time. The cities of refuge today will be different now than then when it comes to use. Then, cities of refuge are a sanctuary for murderers waiting for their case to be heard. In the era of the mark of the beast, cities or states of refuge are places that will not align with the vaccine passport. Florida identified itself already. Also, expect Texas to become another state of refuge.

In Asia, I identified Singapore a long time ago as a country of refuge. Many will also be deceived in Singapore because of the meme but Singapore will wake up as a nation and pivot itself at some point. Other countries that have given in to evil will be totally turned over to the mark of the beast.

The believers of Jesus Christ can hold on to His promises on a personal level to protect them. On a national level, believers can war on behalf of their countries or cities that received a prophecy. It will be the prophetic promise if warred properly, that can pivot the decisions of their elected government officials that are not biblically taught about the events of the end times.

Woe to the cities, states ( provinces), and countries, that have no prophetic promise and did not choose the way of righteousness since their inception. The speed of surrender for these countries to the mark of the beast will be expeditious. We are seeing it already.
I do not want to end this post without some action points for all you that reads:

1. Pray for your elected officials.
2. Gather the leaders in the Body of Christ and request a courtesy call to your governor.
3. Pray for readiness that they will hear Bible truth about the mark of the beast to shift their decisions if they are pursuing vaccine passport as a mandate, or a law, or an Executive Order.
4. Pray for your own unbelief. If you were not taught or wrongly taught, you need time and grace to unlearn the error. It is in the truth that you will get the light.
5. Pray that you will survive what lies ahead.



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