I believe everyone has the potential to dream and make it come true. But most often, we crush those dreams ourselves because we lack the courage to encourage and push our faith to believe it is possible. This is the first wall I discussed in the first session of Breaking Through Limits, a FREE group coaching this August.

This limitation causes the dreamer to believe the opposite of his dream. I call this the Limitation on Possibility. The very moment you negate the dream in your mind, you forfeit and delay the favorable results that await you on an exciting journey. We limit ourselves because we are not courageous enough to think that what we aspire to become is possible. 

We closed our minds to the dimension of possibilities. Possibilities can be familiar with exposure through someone else’s life. However, most of the time, they are unfamiliar to us. Individually, we have a unique role to play in the grand scheme of life. This role may still be unknown, weird, and strange to us. This unfamiliarity feeds the fear in us that we lose our courage to believe that becoming the person to play the role is possible in our lifetime. 

However, our mind is so powerful. It was created powerful. It is a gift during creation to conceive what is intangible to bring it to reality. It is the asset we can develop without costing us so much. In my book, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, I discussed that our mind is very efficacious that it can either cancel or super-impose our dream, vision, goal or ideas. 

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears,” says Laird Hamilton, a world-renowned guiding genius of crossover board sports including tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and hydrofoil boarding. 

Be careful of what we allow in our mind. We need to learn how to talk back in our minds. The battle over possibilities is in our mind. “If you lose in your mind, you lose in time,” says Dr. Cindy Trimm, an International Empowerment Specialist, Transformational Leader, and Success Coach.

This is one time and more when we need to learn how to talk back in our mind. If we have dreams, visions or goals and our mind tells us otherwise, confront that thought immediately. Don’t let it sit on your mind and fool you out of your game plan. 

So, when we are faced with this limitation, Limitation on Possibility, we have to impose this, “ALL things are possible.” Commit yourself to believe that all things are possible to happen in the Lord. 

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