A year ago, we had an event where we started to cast what God has shown us for the country, The Philippines. At that time, I spoke about the country will go through a certain state that would empty its treasury. In the vision, the government will have to resort to enforcing the law that will purge citizens to give their resources in the form of tax. That the inactive laws will be activated to provide a legal basis in their implementation.

Three months after, the rolling out of the vision started. Everyone who is earning in anyway, digitally and traditionally were mandated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue to register and report in the guise of monitoring. Bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers, influencers, and many more were drastically enlisted. Even the barter communities were dragged to the issue.

Come July 2020, God showed me sectors that will be on the news for some anomalies. These were the PhilHealth and the Red Cross. They were on national television by October 2020 being questioned on the inconsistencies of their numbers. I am still waiting for others to come out on the news as I have discussed them privately with certain key people.

By November, God shifted us to focus on the violence brought by the NPAs. I know there are truths and there are over-riders to the truth that would go along and use the issue to kill people and frame incidents. As soon as we corporately prayed against NPAs violent activities and those that support their violence, every week we get them on the news starting with the freezing of their assets and tracing their activities. 

Now, I am writing this because we are halfway to the window God gave me for the climax of this issue. The picture back in February 2020 was the churches and the government will have their war against each other. At that time, God gave me a window to watch, and it was 2 years to watch and pray. By the time the window closes, I figured it will be the country’s next national election cycle. Whatever the result of this 2-year window will affect both the government and the body of believers in the country.

The churches in the country have been battling against several propagandas being lobbied in the congress for six long years. Nonetheless, the propagandists are persistent and eyeing to place and keep allies in the upper house in the next election cycle. The move by the propagandists last December 2020 was a take it or leave it step as one of the sponsors will go through a reelection process by 2022. Should there be any plot twist that she won’t be re-elected, the December 2020 reintroduction of their propaganda was her last shot. 

Her reintroduction of their movement before the 18th congress leaps to the next election is a one big shot eyeing for more allies. You will see how they move beneath the ground. We all have their agendas under our noses but the churches seem to be hiding in the cave trying to survive day-to-day cycle. 

Let me pose these questions. Is your church legal? Is your church clear from any anomalies, in any form from financial to labor and management?

The foundation for the church to survive in this coming year and the years to come is its legal standing before the state and its constitution. It is either the law will protect you as you abide or the law will be your demise.

Meditating the remaining half of the two-year window, God showed me that the coming election will be crucial. So crucial that it will be like a season re-modification. God showed me a year, 1934. As I searched for it, it is a significant year for the government of the Philippines. 

In 1934, the United States Congress passed the Philippine Independence Act, which set the parameters for the creation of a constitution for the Philippines. The Act mandated the Philippine Legislature to call for an election of delegates to a Constitutional Convention to draft a Constitution for the Philippines.” – Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

There will be a big ruckus as to whoever gets to sit in the next election as they will define the charter change that will happen in the Philippine Constitution moving forward. Cha cha has been so quiet with its progress, deliberation and changes.

The body of churches must know the gravity of the danger that is upfront as the election day comes closer. I discussed privately with certain people and debunked the illogical and out-of-context basis for quoting the famous line the church people use when it comes to state and governance – Separation of the State and the Church. 

The church is made up of people who are constituents of the state. Thus, the state and its government are obliged to protect its constituents from any harm even if it means intervening and straightening out the messes inside the church. 

A legal church entity operating within the state must be duly registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission and is compliant with the reportorial requirements to both BIR and SEC. This structure to monitor and avoid churches being a channel for illegal activities such as but not limited to money laundering, human trafficking, firearms smuggling, and others. The purpose of the church entity’s existence as filed and registered to SEC should align to the actual operation of the church.

This is now where governance is linked with the church system. You need an accountant, financial management and reports, infrastructure planning, and cost management must be highlighted because a church entity is formed not for profit. Therefore, anyone serving from within the group must not exhibit exuberant lifestyle if there is no other income source except the church. If so that the person is profiting from serving in the church entity, even the earnings should be reported to the government to vouch the legality of the money earned. More so, if the church is able to spend six to nine digits of expenses, the money being used will be identified and questioned for having such yet being a non-profit entity.

One tick of anomalies especially with the financial aspect which is the eyesore to the government as they need a huge load of money to get the operation going, a church can be under investigation. This is where legalities have to be straightened out. And let me end with this, especially now that the AMLA Law is fortified just a month ago and signed into a new law. 

The amended law, signed on January 29, expands the coverage of persons and activities subject to scrutiny of the Anti-Money Laundering Council.” – Rappler

Why AMLA? It is because the government needs money and they eye towards resources and AMLA is just one of its tools. When the propagandists discover this picture, they will know what card to place on the table to overturn whatever efforts the church leaders will have to stand against them. And when their card gets the upper hand, one by one the church leaders who have a voice in the nation begin to cripple down if they fail to prepare for this upheaval. Only those who stand from the ground of legality can be the next voice for the nation this coming election year moving forward. Are your ready? Are you legal?

Will you stand by that time or will you run to your caves and try to survive underground? Will your light shine like a lamp on a hill?


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