*This post is compiled from Eunice Bennett Ministries.

Everyone did not expect the “bomb” that I dropped when I went to dig up the requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO) for one of the products of ZoeNutra, a company that I own based in US. What I discovered ended up becoming a major point to uncover the world’s Journey Towards The Mark Of The Beast. If you are a teacher of eschatology or trying to be, you need to get this information that is stored in the database of USPTO. If you don’t have this information, what you are teaching is already an old theology. What you don’t know can deceive you even if you are sounding truthful. The report tonight is like a bomb that detonated. The meeting was exploding. If the sacrifice is right, the fire falls!

Because of transgression, an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices; and he cast truth down to the ground. He did all this and prospered. – Daniel 8:12 NKJV

The following are the sessions open for general public discussing the world now in the lenses of the Bible where we are heading from here.

Session 1: Journey Towards the Mark of the Beast

If it is the spirit of revelation that will fall in a meeting, it is like ripping off layers of darkness in people’s minds. The session at Raw Supernatural tackled The Journey To The Mark of the Beast last April 2020. Half of the room was more than 50 years old. That age and beyond is the era that was taught the old theology of eschatology ( end times) that is as foggy as mud. We recalled the end times theology of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and the popular issues of those eras that the generation of teachers used as an example of a possible introduction of 666. None of those examples are anywhere close to where the world is today! This is the blessing of not only living older but knowing the Lord so young that we saw how this eschatology evolves.

  • The problem that NO NEW IDEA is coming out from the government of nations concerning handling the coronavirus issue.
  • The prayer effort to ISOLATE New York in its vaccine passport requirement.
  • Give up the idolatry of America. Reject the idea that solutions are coming solitarily from this country.
  • The benching of prophets in North America. Asian prophets should speak up.
  • The destiny of Asia in this end time. Why even Paul in his missionary journey was told by the Holy Spirit to put Asia last. Asia is the last frontier of a great movement in these last days.
  • The mistake that Israel made in the vaccine “gold rush.”
  • The deception of the pre-tribulation teaching and how it darkened the minds of the believers in the area of NATURAL PREPARATION. Why many will renounce their faith in Jesus due to the lack of NATURAL PREPARATION.
  • Why many will not discern and understand that the digital inoculation of the vaccine is already the prototype of the mark of the beast?

…and many more!

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Session 2: Cellular Poisoning

In 2018, I have shared with you the vision on a Missing Limb. In that vision, you have heard about the believers missing a limb but the other hand is holding a phone looking up to the sky worshipping God. That happened during the lockdown when the church could no longer congregate and the church meets online either through Zoom or Facebook Live. The worship of God continues but something is missing, the limb! The hand of fellowship was missing because the congregation of the church was dismantled. 

Then, I mentioned a virus at the pipes that will contaminate society. At that time, you are trying to make sense on what that is. Last May 17th ( which is 9PM in Southeast Asia), I had a Zoom session that will teach about the following:

  • What is that virus at the pipes that the Holy Spirit had shown?
  • How is that virus at the pipes affecting humanity today?
  • Why the vaccines will never work if the virus at the pipes is the true culprit of the breakout of coronavirus.
  • How to protect yourself from preventing infection from the virus at the pipes?
  • What to watch out to protect yourself from the disinformation warfare created by governments, the suppression of information by Big Tech Giants, and the esoteric window discovered by the spirit of the Anti-Christ?
  • Why you need to prayerfully consider everything that you hear today.
  • The massive agenda of eliminating the human race and creating something as a scapegoat.
  • Why the scapegoat will be exposed eventually by the mainstream media.

…and much, much more! In these last days, much information hidden from us due to Big Tech’s suppression will be exposed. 

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Session 3: The Post Lockdown World Part 1

Our enemies at this hour are left and right bombarding us with ” brilliant solutions” to fight COVID-19. But in the end, it is nothing but an expression of utmost rebellion against God. Who can discern these things and are those discerning these things evolving to become a voice? Are the voices in the wilderness multiplying or are the Christians subtly enrolled themselves in the COVID-19 cult? Did the Christians themselves sell themselves to the COVID-19 scientism of its science?

The Post Lockdown World Zoom teaching session will tackle the following:

  • The successive political agenda of the ruling elite to destroy the global economy after it did not when the lockdown started in 2020. What is God’s solution over this?
  • The COVID-19 cult among government leaders with fear as the common narrative, the needle as the solution, and the vaccine passport as the control. Whose voice are you going to listen to?
  • The collaborative efforts of Fauci, NIH, CDC, Big Tech Giants, and Mainstream Media.
  • The Prophecy in the Book Daniel 8 about the truth trampled in the public square or in the ground.
  • The need to penetrate the high places of government power to create an influence and writing of a policy that will make a nation or a state as a sheep nation. Discover why the time is now. And know the danger if this “now” window is wasted.
  • Why Christians should desperately pray for the Daniel Anointing to fall on them to neutralize the COVID-19 cult among government leaders.
  • What is the political doctrine that the minions of the ruling elite will use to damage and destroy the economy of countries that are recovering from the lockdowns?

Click here to watch the session. Passcode: 6y+=p3+s

Session 4: The Post Lockdown World Part 2

If your eyes are not open, you might think that the Bible is not fulfilling what must happen before the Second Coming. It is a matter of where you are looking.

  • You could not patent a coronavirus. Yet they (headed by Fauci) did it and made money from it.
  • Doing the patenting is fraud and illegal, yet they did it.
  • When they were debunked by the Supreme Court, they still continued with their fraud patent.
  • And the world listened to the authority of a fraud because he has the “patent.”
  • The world listened to him about the mask, social distancing, lockdown, vaccine because of Fauci’s authority by the virtue of the fraudulent patent.
  • The scientific and medical community was cut off to speak because Fauci patented including the assessment and detection. He will see to it that he is the only voice of medical authority that needs to be heard.
  • The dead bodies from coronavirus were prevented to be autopsied. Because if they are autopsied, the truth will reveal that what he is saying is untrue.
  • He removed the power from other doctors to evaluate because even that was patented. And he persecutes the professional doctors that will speak out against it.
  • He empowered the social media and mainstream media to believe his narrative which is the same narrative as the dragon.
  • He empowered governments to apply a lockdown remedy that is more than 100 years old of outdated use as health prevention. Now, the government is addicted to lockdown. The Power of doctoring was transferred to the hands of elected government officials.
  • The bottom line is: Fauci wants to introduce the vaccine badly. He wants a bio-weapon and a control mechanism ( SPION).
  • We are seeing a Hitlerian revival!
  • The proof that coronavirus was patented was in the USPTO award. It is a piece of public information. Even Google keeps a record of it in their database. The problem is, you couldn’t patent a coronavirus. If you patent it, meaning, you made it. So, is this an admission that Fauci leads the creation of this COVID virus causing all these trouble in the world? 
  • As famine and economic crisis are spreading all over the world, what disadvantage would it create to Americans who are not sharing the same situation? Is it a sign that America will become a nation of refuge or it will increase callousness on the soon arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • The action that nations can undertake against NIH, CDC, the United States government, and China, when issuance of coronavirus patent was declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Know therefore that this information is going to change the trajectory on how coronavirus infection is handled by nations.
  • The gold that the Bible is talking about and the preparation of the mountain of the Lord.
  • The prophecy and the land of gold mentioned by Prophet Isaiah that will just be wasted at the Day of Reckoning, if those who own it will not walk in the light of the Lord.
  • Can this land of gold rescue the coming global economic collapse if today’s economy is going to suffer a prophetic fatal head wound?
  • What is the new money that will arise if the global economy will collapse due to the in and out lockdowns? Should Christians get involved with this new money? What is the danger if they will not?
  • The vision about the Roman Catholic faith and the pile of gold beneath its graven images. Would they have ears to hear to release the buried gold to help Christians that will not merge into the new system, or they will use that wealth to further boost worship to the beast (system) and the Anti-Christ?
  • The vision about the arising of the spirit of error and lies to deceive many in the Body of Christ. 
  • The prophecy and destiny of the mouthpiece of the spirit of error among the preachers and teachers of the Word.

Click here to watch the session. Passcode: WJAw5!R1

Sessions 5 and 6: The Tree of Life vs. Big Pharma

In these sessions, you are going to learn the following:

  • What is your tree of life in the middle of this pandemic?
  • What is your tree of life when there are pressures all around you and you have to make a decision?
  • What is the reward of the uncompromising?
  • Why the false teachers and the false prophets will avoid attacking the truth but will attack the WAY of truth?
  • What is the exposure being accomplished in this season of indignation?
  • What are the island of mindsets that needs to be discerned in this hour?
As the battle of the right and seemingly right continues, it is those who are swimming into the deep that are growing in their discernment in this hour.

Click here to watch session 5. Passcode: NtRN@B3B

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Session 7: The Spirit of Freedom vs. The Curse of Vaccine Passport

The enemy has not figured out yet on what he will do if the church stops being afraid. He briefly succeeded in oppressing them when the pandemic started. But the church is now awake. She is realizing, thinking, figuring, smelling, re-aligning, questioning, shaking her head, and strategizing. The next move is ripe for the Issachar anointing. That space in time will not be voided. Many will rise up to occupy it!

The virus is the excuse, the lockdown is not the cure. The lockdown is a solution of helplessness when there are no Daniel’s or Joseph’s that surround government officials with a God-given, bright, and intelligent ideas to overcome. The enemy is afraid that you stop being afraid. Only in fear, can he lockdown governments.

Many nations suffer because the people that they elect in government offices have not severed themselves from covenants of sin and idolatry that gives an open door for demons to prosper in a country.

Anyone can read and claim the truth. But to live it out is knowing the way of truth. Those who knows the way have a walk with God. Those who knows the truth in memory only, got God in their head. The last will attack the first and use the memorized truth as their truth. But the first got the truth and the authority of the truth. It is those who knows the way that will subjugate the memorizer. There is a big difference between experience with God and a theorist. The first walks, the theorist stores. Between the two, the edge is to the walker. While the theorist keeps on accumulating until he confused himself.

There are places that there will be a famine of the word but some places have so much of the word that a supernatural breakout is already expected. The now is going to be a divide for the firebrand believer or just a saved Christian. To the vigilant, the metric is obvious. The separation of the chaff and the wheat has already begun..! Because the way of truth was received, the message of discernment and understanding is coming stronger than a torrential rain.

There is a rat race between the rescue of the economies of nations from collapsing due to incessant lockdowns and the ascension of the Daniel’s to the mountain of government. If the Daniel’s could not rise up to where they should be, the elected leaders of the government who are now addicted of Fauci’s lockdown paradigm, is going to find their city and personal economy getting poorer and poorer every time they use the lockdown policy to control coronavirus. When you see these things happening, the world is going to enter the sign of the black horse ( Revelation 6). Famine and hunger will follow.

In the coming days, almost two billion people will die ( one fourth of the world’s population) from four sources: famine, pestilence, wild beasts, and the sword. The drought in the United States among the 13 Midwest States is going to affect the food chain. One-third of Asia is now dry, too. It will also affect the food chain. Everyone should prepare now for the famine ahead of us. Make plans for survival. Plant, pray for rain, save up seeds, cultivate your land and start growing your food. There is still time left.

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We praise God for the following:

1. The growing number of elected government officials attending the sessions.
2. The growing number of government appointees attending the session.
3. The growing number of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care workers attending the session.
4. The growing number of brethren from countries that I have not visited in the past.
5. And for everyone’s unquenched thirst and raging love for the truth of Jesus Christ that keeps you alive and awake in these sessions that is not shorter than 3 hours, and sometimes even ending at almost 1 a.m., yet no one is blinking, leaving, or complaining. I honor all of you in your endurance and tenacity.

A Warning To The Young Ones:

When you follow this ministry, it does not make it an accomplishment unless you are in a situation where watching on Zoom video and access to wifi is extremely difficult. When you do not have that situation, your accomplishment is if you can do what God expects you to do in this hour. Outside of that, is irrelevance! Let me hammer to all of you that if this vaccine passport and all its restrictions and regulations are not reversed, you will be the last generation that has tasted freedom in your in and out, without the society being divided into two classes of citizens. The vaccine passport is already a roll-out of the system of the beast. It is already a preview of the form of government that eventually the Anti-Christ will ride on: a limited, restricted, and strangulating existence. It has all the dough of a dictatorship.
If you are young, you can help by doing this:
1. Watch what is being required from you if you are still in school. If a vaccine passport is required, you need to re-enroll to another school. You do not allow institutions to make a health decision for you.
2. The young ones are not the carrier of the coronavirus in this pandemic. They are the buffer! Do not allow Big Pharma to indoctrinate you that it is necessary. Their business is drugs. Your business is not to trust them. If you will believe all that Big Pharma pushes, you better start running a pharmacy.

THE DRAGON: Its Nature and The Nature

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*This post is compiled from Eunice Bennett Ministries.


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